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:: Support C3M Ministries ::


If you would like to help fulfill the vision of C3M Ministries there are a number of things you can do to support our work:

  1. Pray for us:  Nothing in the Kingdom of God happens without prayer. We covet and appreciate your prayers for us.  We can literally feel it when people pray for us.  Prayer requests below.*

  2. Spread the word:  Our goal is to provide as many free resources as possible to as many people as possible.  The Internet has made this more of a reality than ever before.  We can now place materials on the Internet for free and reach the entire world.  By sending E-Mails to friends, recommending our resources or even linking us to other sites you can help us reach more people - and it doesn't cost a dime.

  3. Use our stuff:  Use and recommend the free resources we provide. 

  4. Finances:  We can always use cash donations for office supplies, tapes and CDs, printing and more; as well as travel expenses and other overhead items.  You can donate to C3M Ministries quickly easily, and with security online through PayPal. 

  5. Equipment:  We can always put good used equipment to use.  See our wish list below.**

  6. Your materials:  We want to provide resources from other ministries.  If you have original print, audio or video material you would like to see used on C3M Ministries web site, please contact us.

PayPal is the safest way to Give online.  You do not need a PayPal account simply use your credit or debit card.
C3M Ministries does not see your account information. only who you are and how much you donated.

*Prayer Requests

  • Protection, vision, wisdom, strength, faith, guidance and similar things for the ministry

  • Personally for the Highlanders and the others involved

  • That God opens "AN EFFECTUAL DOOR OF UTTERANCE." We want God to create opportunities for us to speak and minister where He is building His Kingdom.  Our desire is to be SENT!

  • Finances and resources

**Wish list - Things to enhance the ministry

  • Portable sound system

  • Digital projector for multi-media presentations

  • Wireless microphone system - UHF

  • CD/DVD reproduction system

  • CD Audio Reorder with tracking

  • CD/DVD thermal printer

  • Computers  - PC Desktop or laptop

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