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Articles and booklets by Steve Highlander

Essential Church, by Steve Highlander  New January,1020
Thousands are leaving the institutional church but they are not reconnecting with the Body of Christ.  In this teaching Steve takes a close look at the Body of Christ and shows how it is essential to God's eternal purpose, His plan for reaching the world and in our own lives.  God did not ever intend for us to so stand-alone Christianity.  He chose to express Himself through a "many-member Body."  Steve shows clearly and scripturally that God has called believers to be connected, but not in the traditional sense of Church. 

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The Second Reformation Part1: Defining God's Movements in History since the 1500s
In this 6-page article Steve defines the words we have used to describe God moving in the world and some significant events and people associated with each move.  He looks at reformation; revival, renewal; awakening and movement.  This article touches lightly on the historical significance of the first reformation, the cause of denominationalism, historic revivals, the four awakenings in America and the Pentecostal movement, Latter Rain and the Charismatic Renewal.  You will especially be intrigued by the person who prayed publicly in a service on January 1, 1901 and what happened the same day on the other side of the world in response to that prayer.

The Domestication of the Spirit, by Steve Highlander
Is Jesus really the Head His Church or the figurehead of our church?  Do our modern "worship services" allow the Holy Spirit to move or is He just our mascot, along for the ride like the Dalmatian on a fire truck?  In this message I look at several dictionary definitions of DOMESTICATION and apply them to our attempts to make church operate the way we want it to.  READ E-BOOK



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