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C3M Ministries exists for the purpose of preparing the Body of Christ for the last days.  We have a mandate from God to warn and prepare the world and the Church concerning the prophetic events of the end times and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Our desire is to evangelize the lost, create disciples, train leaders, and mature the Church for her purpose in our day.

Dedicated to the Church of Jesus Christ

We are wholeheartedly dedicated to the Church of Jesus Christ, which He declared to be His living, active Body on earth.  However we are convinced that "church as usual" in 21st century America is far from what the early Christians understood or experienced.  We have a vision to see the Church return to first century, New Testament patterns of faith and practice.  Because of this some are afraid we are "anti-church", this is not true.  We aren't "anti" anything.  We are pro New Testament Church.  Unfortunately, to facilitate genuine change some "sacred cows" (in the form of man-made traditions, church structure and offices and long-standing practice) must be slain.  Those who worship their sacred cows - equating their traditions and practice to scripture - will not be happy.  However Jesus told the Jews, "You have made the Word of God of no effect by your traditions."  Let us pray we do not do the same thing in our day.  We do not believe there is only one way to do Church.  We believe in alternative models of Church life including: House Church, Simple Church, Open Church and other models.  We believe the Church is a living organic organism and that it will adapt and take on its own form in different places with different people.  Some common elements are: plurality of leadership, priesthood of all believers, body ministry, evangelism, community, dynamic fellowship and the active ministry of the Holy Spirit in the form of prophetic preaching, teaching and the manifestation of Spiritual gifts in and through the believers.

A New Reformation

To this end we believe that God is moving in a massive reformation in our day, as significant as the one sparked by Martin Luther and the other reformers in the 15th century. Our goal is to facilitate this reformation in both individual lives and in the corporate expressions of the Church wherever God's people are hungry and open for change.  We want to do this by teaching, providing resources, spawning networks of believers and creating dialog for an atmosphere of change.

The Original Gospel Message Will Never Change

We want to state emphatically that the gospel message has not changed, does not need to change, nor will it ever change.  God's truth is eternal.  However, we believe without apology that the way men DO church needs to change.  We have added so much to the pure expression of church, that most people no longer question unscriptural or at least non-scriptural traditions and practices.  The reformation of the Church does not mean the message itself needs to be modernized.  God's Word is valid in every age and culture without needing to change.  That said we believe that the early Church would have used every means at their disposal to reach the world including modern technology.  The way we present the message needs to take a modern form, however the message itself is eternal.

A Return to New Testament Faith and Practice

We also believe that a major reformation must take place in the essential message that the modern American Church has preached and received. The message of the early church was a commitment to Christ.  It seems as if the modern message is "what's in it for me?"  We have become consumer Christians, looking for the best deal in church.  We have marketed the gospel until it is a multi-million dollar business venture.  The goal of the average Christian in America is comfort.  We believe this needs to change.  A fundamental change in our understanding needs to take place.  We are here to serve God, not the other way around.  Our focus needs to be on the Kingdom of God, not the things of the world.  We affirm that God wants to bless His people, however undue emphasis on prosperity and blessing had sidetracked the faith of many and perverted the genuine message of living as servants to Jesus Christ and, when called upon to do so, sacrifice our comfort to reach a lost and dying world.


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