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:: Ministry Affiliation ::


C3M Ministries offers the opportunity for ministries to network together.

Ministry Affiliation:

We offer affiliation* to other like-minded ministries.  Networking is an important part of the Body of Christ as we all need "cross pollination" to grow to our full potential.  Affiliate ministries receive notification of meetings and events, a monthly message aimed at ministry development and discounts on any events or merchandise with a cost. Individuals that are licensed or ordained and that have a current ministry, churches or organizations are invited to become an affiliate.  There are no costs or obligations other then mutual respect and spiritual support.  We will  promote our affiliate ministries, their events and materials through C3M whenever possible.  If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please click here for an application.


  • Resources to help you grow in your ministry

  • School of Ministry articles E-Mailed Monthly

  • Promotion of your ministry, events and resources

  • opportunity to include your merchandise in C3M's online store

  • Notice of meetings, training opportunities and fellowship

  • Links to your web site and or resources

  • Fellowship with a group of ministries that have a heart to see a genuine reformation in the Church before the second coming of Jesus Christ

Please note C3M Ministries DOES NOT provide funds or fundraising services for affiliates. Our relationship is for training, online resources, edification, exhortation and comfort.

Ministry Association:

We offer Association** to affiliates who feel like they want to walk in closer relationship with C3M Ministries and have an accountable relationship.  Association is a higher level of relationship and indicates a true like-minded approach to ministry and the Body of Christ.  Association is for those ministers, ministries or churches that already have credentials form another organization, but feel lead by the Holy Spirit to come into relations with C3M Ministries.

Ministry Credentials:

C3M offers ministry credentials to individuals who are called to the ministry and meet the guidelines established by our Presbytery. We offer a Worker's Certificate, Ministry license and Ordination.  Our belief is that ministry is relational, not organizational, therefore we only give credentials to those ministries that desire to walk in close relationship and mutual accountability with C3M MinistriesFor more information on credentials click here

*Affiliates are independent persons, ministries or churches that have come into a mutual relationship of respect for prayer, edification, exhortation and comfort.  Affiliates have no legal or financial ties to C3M Ministries and do not represent C3M Ministries in any official capacity.  Affiliates may differ widely from C3M Ministries in doctrine or practice and Affiliation does not represent or imply endorsement by C3M Ministries.

**Associates are independent persons, ministries or churches that have come into a closer relationship of mutual submission and service with C3M Ministries.  Associates hold closer to the doctrinal, church governance and practical views of C3M Ministries and represent C3M Ministries through their individual ministries.  Associates are not financially or legally tied to C3M Ministries and may at times vary in doctrine and practice.


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