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:: C3M Membership Options ::


C3M Ministries offers several ways to be a part of this ministry

  1. Guests: Everyone can take part in our services and use our resources without cost or obligation

  2. Partners: Partners are people who believe in the vision and direction of C3M Ministries and want to be a part of giving and receiving. Partners agree to pray for the ministry and support it financially as they are led by the Lord.  There are no other obligations.  Our partners will receive a monthly E-Mail newsletter with news, opportunities and cutting edge, reformation articles.

  3. Members: Some people want to identify with us on a closer relational level.  For those who are close to us geographically and want to consider C3M as their Church, we offer official membership.  Since we believe that membership means active participation and mutual fellowship, we ask those who desire to be members to generally commit to attend C3M meetings locally whenever possible, contribute financially as the Lord leads and maintain a sense of relational fellowship like any other church.  For information on membership please click here To see our member's covenant please click here.

  4. Ministry Affiliation: We offer affiliation to other like-minded ministries.  Networking is an important part of the Body of Christ as we all need "cross pollination" to grow to our full potential.  Affiliate ministries receive notification of meetings and events, a monthly message aimed at ministry development and discounts on any paid events or merchandise.  Individuals that are licensed or ordained or that have a current ministry, churches or organizations are invited to become an affiliate.  There are no costs or obligations other then mutual respect and spiritual support.  We will  promote our affiliate ministries, their events and materials through C3M whenever possible.  More information>>>

  5. Ministry Credentials: C3M offers ministry credentials to individuals who are called to the ministry and meet the guidelines established by our Presbytery. We offer a Worker's Certificate, Ministry License and Ordination.  Our belief is that ministry is relational, not organizational, therefore we only give credentials to those ministries that desire to walk in close relationship and mutual accountability with C3M Ministries More Information >>>


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