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Jimmy Bratcher: Preaching the Gospel and Singing the Blues
Rev. Jimmy Bratcher has a unique evangelistic ministry.  Jimmy is a professional blues guitarist who writes and sings Christian music with a genuine blues style.  Jimmy travels all over the US and the UK getting rave reviews.  He and his wife also have a marriage enrichment ministry.  Jimmy and Sherri were on staff at one of the fastest growing churches in the Midwest - Word of Life, in St. Joseph, MO, with pastor Brian Zahnd. 

South East Asia Ministry Teams
A cutting edge missions work recruiting and equipping missionaries for 9 S.E. Asian Countries.

Sojourners is a unique ministry in Washing, D.C. combining solid Christian experience with practical faith for impacting the social issues of our Day.  Great resources, Blog, newsletters and more.  Jim Wallis, the head of Sojourner's Ministry was recently appointed by President Obama to be on his faith and community based organizations advisory committee.

World Visions Internet Services, LLC
Christian web site development, hosting and management company owned and operated by Steve Highlander and Richard Bartz.  They have developed nearly 300 sites and currently manage about 200 sites.  Steve heads C3M Ministries and Richard heads SeaMist, a Missionary training center in the Philippines, training missionaries for nine S.E. Asian Countries.  They have years of experience in ministry, Internet and marketing.  Need a web site?  Discounts for ministries and churches.  Want to do business with Christians?  Check them out.


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