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:: Freedom of Forgiveness Seminar ::


Freedom of Forgiveness
Introduction, Seminar Syllabus and Live Session Audio

"Forgiveness is not primarily an emotional issue, it is a spiritual issue. However, most people have never been told that or they do not have the spiritual resources to handle unforgivingness, so they are left to try to deal with it in the emotional realm only. Often they cycle through periods of forgiveness and bitterness that last for years and drains them dry.  Jesus came to set the captives free."  Dr. Steve Highlander

Drs. Steve and Brooke Highlander present the  FREEDOM OF FORGIVENESS Seminar. Many people in the church struggle with various issues of forgiveness.  Because of this they can never break free from the past to fulfill their future destiny in  God.   Telling people to, "just forgive them and go on," works for some people, but for millions of people it does not, because the issues are complex and the feelings raw.  This seminar will help you sort out those issues and approach them from a Biblical perspective. 

View or Print Freedom Of Forgiveness Syllabus - PDF Format

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Entire live, 12 hour seminar on 1 CD with 1 copy of the seminar syllabus - $15 with free shipping.  Click here to order. 
Note: The audio on this CD is WMA and will play on a computer with Windows Media Player.
It will not play in a regular CD stereo player.  We are working on a regular CD version.

The Seminar will cover the five key areas of forgiveness:

  1. Experiencing the Forgiveness of God

  2. Forgiving God (For those who have been disappointed in their experience with God)

  3. Forgiving Yourself

  4. Forgiving Others

  5. Asking Forgiveness from Others

Other topics include:

  1. Forgiveness: Actions and Attitudes

  2. The Two Roots of Unforgivingness: Debt and Punishment

  3. The Debt Has Been Paid

  4. What Forgiveness Is and Isn't

  5. More

This seminar will help you walk through any issue of unforgivingness. Steve has taught the principles in this seminar for over 15 years, in a wide variety of settings including prison, church groups, Bible studies YWAM DTS Training and as a series on Sunday mornings. We have seen people release unforgiveness towards others, forgive themselves after years of self-sabatoge, rededicate their lives to God, and even get saved in these seminars. It is real, practical and life-changing.  Be prepared for freedom.

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