Microsoft Reader Installation Instructions

If you do not have MS Reader you may download your FREE copy here.



You do not have activate your copy of MS Reader to read our free books.  MS Reader allows you to read both free books and books you can purchase. There are thousands of Books you can buy and read for less than the cost of a hard copy.  To keep people from stealing commercial books, MS Reader requires that you ACTIVATE the reader before BUYING books.  You do not have to activate unless you want to buy books in the future.  There are several additional steps to go through if you activate.  It is your choice to activate now, later or not at all.  One final step in the installation asks if you want to ACTIVATE.  you can simply decline at that point and you are ready to read our books.

Congratulations: you are about 4 minutes away from reading our books.

Simple download and install instructions:

  1. Click the link above to start the download
  2. When the download window pops up click RUN (you don't want SAVE)
  3. The download takes a couple of minutes
  4. An Internet Explorer Security window will pop up next.  Click RUN  (Don't worry it is safe)
  5. The Microsoft reader Setup Window will appear next  Click NEXT
  6. The License Agreement window is next Click YES
  7. The Destination Folder window will pop up Click NEXT
  8. IMPORTANT:  The next screen asks you if you want to activate your copy.  To finish installing WITHOUT activating you reader simply UNCHECK the box that says ACTIVATE MY COMPUTER NOW.   (This is your choice; if you do want to activate it will take a few minutes and a few more steps.  The steps are similar to the ones above where you will be led through some screens.  If you have a .NET passport it is relatively easy, if not you have to sign up for a free .NET Passport as part of the process.  The .NET Passport identifies you with the Microsoft network.  You can activate your reader at any time in the future from the Reader interface.)
  9. You may also choose to place a Reader Shortcut Icon on your desktop. Check or uncheck the box.
  10. Click FINISH
  11. The system will suggest AGAIN that you activate your reader (again say no if you don't want to)

To Read an E-Book

  1. Once installed you simply click on a E-Book to download and read it.  Once downloaded your E-Book goes into your library on your hard drive and is available at any time without being online.  It does not have to be downloaded again.

Happy Reading