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He That has an Ear to Hear
, Steve Highlander
Learning to hear from God or learning to hear from God better can be tricky.  Pastor Steve reveals spiritual insights that help you hear from God more clearly then ever before.  Did you know that the Bible says we need to have "circumcised ears?" If you long for more communication from the Lord, listen to this one.

Transformed by Truth, Transformed by Trouble
, Steve Highlander
Pastor Steve teaches about how God transforms our life into the image of Christ.  This message revolves around two key thoughts. Steve has said, "Everyone who wants to mature spiritually must deal with two key issues:  The Character of God and the Authority of God's Word." He shares five principles you will have to deal with regarding the Word of God and some fresh insight about recognizing God in the middle of your problems.  Want to be challenged to grow spiritually? Better listen to this message.

Dealing with the Past, the Present and the Future
, Steve Highlander
Every person has three dimensions of time that they must deal with:  The past, the present and the future.  Many people are chained to the past, unable to go forward because of some past experience; be something they've done or something that was done to them.  So much emotional and spiritual energy is spent looking backward there is nothing left to move foreword on. Other people live in the moment, never considering the future. They are on a collision course with future reality. And others live for tomorrow, always dreaming, but never really getting anywhere. In this message pastor Steve picks up on the Apostle Paul's personal strategy for dealing with the past the present and the future and shows how Christians can and must effective deal with all three elements to live successful Christian lives.

Feasts of the Lord - Part 1 - Introduction to the Feasts
, Steve Highlander
Part one of the Feasts of the Lord Series
God placed pictures of our New Testament spiritual experiences in the Old testament feasts He ordained for the Jewish people.  God ordained that every man was to "appear before the Lord three times in a year," at the yearly feasts.  These feasts picture the total plan of salvation for man in three unique experiences. In this message Pastor Steve provides an introduction to the spiritual meaning of the various Sabbaths.  Understanding this principle is key to understanding the rest that God says, "remains for the people of God." 


Feasts of the Lord - Part 2 - Pictures in the Passover
, Steve Highlander
Part two of the Feasts of the Lord Series
A fascinating look at the symbolism in the Passover story and  real life applications to appropriate what God has provided for us in salvation.  Pastor Steve also looks at what causes people to struggle in their Christian lives. We can pretty much guarantee You've have not heard a message like this before.

Feasts of the Lord - Part 3 - The Feast of Unleavened Bread, Steve Highlander
Part three of the Feasts of the Lord Series
Third part in the Feasts of the Lord Series. A fascinating look at the symbolism in the Feast of Unleavened Bread and real life applications to appropriate what God has provided for us in salvation and sanctification. The week-long Feast of Unleavened Bread represents the process by which God gets the sin and religiousness (leaven) out of our lives. The feast started and ended with a Sabbath day, symbolizing the spiritual "rest" required for true salvation and the spiritual rest required for God to complete that work in our lives. Paul tells us Jesus is the "author and finisher of our faith." This message focuses on the seven leavens contained in the Bible and how to overcome them. A unique message that portrays spiritual growth in our lives.

A call to Obedience, Steve Highlander
Bother Highlander asks, "Are you doing what God called you to do, where He called you to do it?"  This audio catches an extremely personal time with the Holy Spirit.  Steve ministers by the Holy Spirit as the Spirit deals with the people gathered at this Sunday morning service.  Spontaneous personal testimony and insight from the congregation are combined with prophetic direction.  Teaching is interspersed with prayer, and testimonies from the congregation as the Spirit deals deeply with people.  One young man that shares that it was his 21st birthday and he had waited all year to go out and get drunk at a bar on his birthday, but that God had spoken to him that morning to give His life to God instead.  The audio on this message is clear, but a little tinny, however the message is well worth listening to. A life changing message for sure.


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